Before I Sleep

Every night,
Before I sleep,
I think of those I love,
Have loved,
I hope to love,
Both known and with my dream unseen,
I splash upon the shallow water's edge,
I dive with hope below,
To greet the undiscovered deep.

• • •

- Footnote -


These words express my yearning for and with others.


I ponder on a poem. A book with but a single page between its front and back. Words read easily at any age, in any place. Ideas that move my head and heart, unloved and loved. A poem page of simple words endured beyond return. Such a hardback book would not be commercially viable to make nor sell, and yet I believe it would have value. I will make this book, and its making will be beyond the scope of money's reach.


"Both known and with my dream unseen": those people I have known in my waking state, and those I have known only in my nights of dream.