To Be To You As You To Me

To hear your song,
To sing with you,
To see the hoar frost, crisp against the clear blue sky with you,
To fly a kite against the strongest wind with you,
To watch a film with tears and joy with you,
To taste a peach on summer day and share with you,
To breathe the sea salt air and walk with you,
To smell the fresh cut scent of grass and lay with you,
To walk in moonlit night and wonder at the stars with you,
To smile then laugh in winter rain with you,
To touch the stone and moss of highland peak then sleep with you,
To be in love, and loved by you,
To be as one,
With you.

These things I hope for still since days of youth,
The you who walks this world,
My North, my South, my East and West,
That I hold firm my wish,
To be to you as you to me,
As single heartbeat,
Strong and sure,
That we may one day meet.

• • •