For Sea of Rising Blue and Crashing Wave

Fast moving air as crystal ice in cloud I greet you, charge opposed,
Where lightening forms and friendship fuse this difference of our day,
The crack of light and strike of sound on sand, this meld of glass we give, long lived,
With splash of sun, this vessel of my love for sea of rising blue and crashing wave.

• • •

- Footnote -


My weakness understood, my passion to explore: light, sound, the meaning of it all. This journey, shared.


This poem takes shape a mile above sea level (around 6,500 feet or 2km high), where ice crystals form from the fine water vapor of a cloud. When rising ice crystals collide with soft falling hail, the ice crystals become positively charged, and the soft hail, negatively charged. This is how lightening comes into being.


Glass is an extraordinarily long lasting material that has been used by humans for over five thousand years. Its transparency, beauty and durability is prized throughout the world.


I imagine a forked flash strikes the shore and sand far below, melds a portion of it into glass which is then quenched by an incoming wave. The image I see is of a small vessel made by this rare and mighty process. The 'charge opposed' stands for the difference between friends that shapes something powerful, something new. My friend the sea of rising blue and crashing wave.