The All and None of This

I need air,
Not just to breathe,
But for its open sky.

I need water,
Not just to drink,
But to cry,
To float and swim.

I need food,
Not just to live,
But for its fuel of time,
To be,
Of being with.

To make I need the share of air,
Of water,
Of you.

To love I need the all and none of this,
The kiss of life,
The touch of dew.

• • •

- Footnote -


I ponder on the essentials of life: air, water, food. To make I need all three and something more: the sharing of these things.


Water Vapour: the invisible, gaseous phase of water.
Dew: tiny water droplets condensed from water vapour.


As many mornings, I walk outside, bend down, then run my fingers and palm gently across the dew-soaked blades of grass. This simple gesture connects me with the earth and sky.


Poetry is as dew: the evidence of something changed, that comes to view from one state to another.